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Airbrush Makeup Salon in Lucknow

Airbrush Makeup is a makeup sprayed on the skin using an airbrush machine instead of applying it with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods.

Airbrush Makeup in Lucknow

Airbrush makeup in Lucknow has become more popular with the advent of high definition videos, cameras and television (HD). Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and may be visible on a HD medium. As the makeup is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula. The formula can create an even sheen and givesa natural appearance to the skin if applied properly. The overall appearance is natural and non-heavy unlike traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup lasts longer than traditional powder or liquid foundation and can easily stay upto24 hours. Airbrush makeup is also available for eye shadow, blush, eyebrows and lips and can be layered, shaded, highlighted and contoured. Application wise, the technique is more hygienic than traditional makeup application since the makeup artists don’t touch the skin. It is faster if done by a trained artist.
Feminity By Smita Gurnani is a team of trained makeup Artists and also provide training in Airbrush Makeup in Lucknow.