Beauty Tips that will make you shine like a Diva on your Wedding Funtions

If you are getting married soon and looking for some trendy beauty tips not just for your wedding day but also for the pre- and post-wedding functions, then we have some fantastic ideas for you. Follow the simple tips and Shine like a Diva.

Well Defined eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows can help you make a powerful style statement. Eyebrows give your face a definite structure and make your eyes the centre of attraction. In order to get the perfect brows, make use of your brush and eyebrow pencil to give an arch and to fill in gaps, if any. This will make them look absolutely perfect. Go easy with the rest of your makeup to make your eyebrows the focus point.

Style tip: You can go a little wild and use a grey or brown eyebrow pencil to add colour. Don’t ignore the importance of visiting a professional salon to get the best shape for your eyebrows.

Winged eyeliner

You must try this sexy look for at least one of your wedding functions! To get this look, you extend your eyeliner beyond the tips of your eyes. It is not easy to execute this look as the eyeliner can smudge a little. But once you manage to perfect it, you will look absolutely stunning. You can add a little colour around the edges to match the outfit you are wearing.

Style tip: Go bold and sweep the wing right to the end of the brow to get a vintage look.

No Makeup look

This makeup is best suited for Engagement, cocktail party, and reception
This is the latest trend sported by most Bollywood divas. You can get this look by wearing minimum colours and using just basic makeup. Some foundation and concealer to hide minor flaws, a pale lipstick and gloss, some bronzer, and mascara to bring out only your best features is all you need to create this look.

Style tip: You can make the nude look more attractive by adding a hint of coral lipstick and blush-on.

Sculpted cheeks

The best way to complement your million dollar smile is with beautifully sculpted cheeks. Here, you play with the light to show-off your cheeks in the best possible way. To achieve this, you must apply the bronzer with gentle strokes around your jawline and your cheekbones.

Style tip: A coral or peach blush-on is apt to get this look.

The classic red pout

The red pout will never be out of fashion and it is no wonder that so many Bollywood actresses always swear by it! Now, to get that perfect red pout, you must keep the rest of your makeup minimal.Use only the basic blush-on and emphasize more on the eyes with a liner and mascara. Avoid wearing a very light foundation as it will make you look washed out.

Style tip: In order to add a little drama to your look, you can even wear fake eyelashes.

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