Checklist for the Beautiful Bride- The Feminity way…

The wedding day is the most memorable and special day for every girl. Hence, to look beautiful and gorgeous is imperative for every girl on her D-day However, selecting the right make up and best Makeup artist is a difficult decision. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for the beautiful girls to keep in mind to look best on their wedding day.

1. Choose your wedding dress very wisely. Don’t opt for crazy colors and extreme cuts. Today you might look hot and happening in your dress. But ten years from now when you look into the pictures they might not look so attractive to you.

2. Opt for a good Makeup Artist. Do your research. Select a good makeup artist. Meet and discuss your requirements with them. Don’t follow the pied piper. Every Girl is different; hence, their requirements are also different.

3. Do schedule a trial session with the makeup artist. Take a few images of makeup you like and let them know the color of your dress.

4. Do ask your Makeup artist to minimize any dark circles under eyes or any other blemishes or spots.

5. Don’t go for a look that isn’t you. Focus on points that enhance your personality. Some girls feel good about their big beautiful eyes while some feel good about their smile. Explain your confident points to your makeup artist so that they know what features to concentrate on.

6. Do take out time to sit with your Makeup Artist to know what works best for you.

7. If you do not have the habit of wearing makeup on a regular basis, wearing too much makeup on a wedding day can be quite daunting. Do share your regular habit and your preferences with your makeup artist, so that they can bring out the best in you.

8. Do concentrate in having glowing skin. This can make you feel beautiful from within. Consult the doctor. Take regular facials and clean ups according to your skin needs.

9. Do take good care of your hair. Take regular head massages and hair spas. Remember Indian weddings are a week long affair. Different hair styles can give you different look on each occasion.

10. Wedding shopping, wedding preparations, boutique visits, trousseau designing are stressful affairs. Do take some activities to relax yourself. There cannot be a better option that visiting a spa. Take regular spa sessions. You can opt for traditional Indian Ayurvedic spa like shirodhara and Abhyangam or Oriental spa options like aroma therapies and swedish body works. Visit a good spa in your city and rejuvenate yourself before the big day.

11. Choose your pre-bridal sessions wisely. Don’t be a miser in choosing a salon for your pre – bridal sessions. Remember it’s not a regular waxing and bleaching. This time it is beautifying you for your D-day.

12. Consult your Makeup artist and make sure that you arrange the Touch up products well in advance. Ask your bridesmaid to refresh your lipstick or powder your nose so that you are camera ready for perfect picture overtime.

13. Make sure to relax yourself a week before your wedding. Take good sleep, eat a balanced diet, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

14. Don’t rush on your wedding day. Make sure you schedule enough time for a beautiful makeup application. Sit back and enjoy this time chatting with your close friends.

15. Last and the most important of all- Smile, smile is the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear.

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