FEMINITY: A Royal Treat for The Brides To Be

Feminity by Smita Gurnani is a first of its kind destination in Lucknow featuring a luxury salon, ayurvedic spa, oriental spa, cafe and a makeover lounge.

It has a lavish setup surrounded by greenery. It is spread over 2100 sq ft and interiors have been tastefully done. It is located in a posh locality in the city centre. It is a perfect destination for females looking for rejuvenation and perfect makeovers.

Feminity believes in keeping up with the beauty trends; but in a natural way. To uphold this philosophy; Feminity has introduced ayurvedic spa treatments. Ayurveda, an intricate holistic healing system of India, traces its origin to about 5000 years ago. Derived from the sanskrit word Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. Ayurveda is the science of life based on the laws of nature. The guests can enjoy a variety of services from the vast menu for a head to toe rejuvenation. Feminity also provides the guests with an option of oriental spa which includes Aroma Body works, Swedish Body works, Balinese Massage, Hot stone Therapy and many more. These days brides are willing to relieve stress before their big day, and there is no better place for much needed relaxation than the spa. The ISPA Global Consumer Study Shows that the No.1 reason why people worldwide go to the spa is to relieve and reduce their stress. Spa experience provides enhanced beautification and holistic relaxation to the brides to be.

Feminity features a premium salon. The salon area is spacious and has a luxurious feel. The Salon is carefully designed so as to make sure that the guests enjoy a well ventilated place having green surroundings. Feminity has introduced a range of world class products in Lucknow which have been sourced from leading international brands. The company has been very stringent in brand selection. Feminity believes that the pre-requisite of each and every treatment is cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, it pays special attention to clean instruments and linens.

Feminity is the brain child of Smita Gurnani, a Delhi girl and a post graduate in Economics. She is a professional makeup artist who has been certified by several international brands and trained by renowned makeup artists. She has travelled to Europe, Middle East and South East Asia to get a feel of the global beauty industry and took formal training in makeup. The idea of starting a makeover lounge for females was turned into reality after acquiring intensive knowledge about the beauty industry. She started Feminity not only because of her interest in beauty and wellness but also due to her firm belief that this was the need of the hour in Lucknow. She has a perfect hand in airbrush makeup, a perfect knowledge about highlighting and contouring to give a perfectly featured chiseled face to the bride. As in case of the salon; she is equally particular in makeup brands. The makeup lounge vanity has been created by using the best brands of the world.

It is often said your face reflects your health. In order to ensure an overall well being of the brides, Feminity has a senior lady doctor on their panel. The bridal packages are designed in consultation with the doctor.

Feminity has a wide array of services to be offered. The Menu is vast but at the same time well suited to the pocket. The special focus has always been on Bridals. The Brides to be have an option to choose from the fixed packages: Feminity fresh bride, Feminity beautiful bride, Feminity royal bride. The Brides can also get their Bridal packages customized according to their special needs. Feminity has also introduced the unique concept of

Feminity Elite Club for the members who can enjoy the special benefits and offerings.

Feminity is a place where females of all age groups can come, relax and pamper themselves.

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