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Dulhan Makeup Salon in Lucknow

Makeup is an art which is used to create a desired look. Girls generally use makeup tools to enhance their look.

Bridal Makeup Salon in Lucknow

Bridal makeup to a great extent depends on the weather or climatic condition of a place where the wedding event is being hosted. Lucknow has extreme climatic conditions. Hence, Bridal Makeup Lucknow needs more attention and precision. In summers the Bridal Makeup Lucknow should be simple and the base used should be water based so that the Bride’s skin can breathe and does not feel suffocated. At the same time, makeup products used should be water resistant. The colours used in summers for Bridal Makeup Lucknow should be cool and tones like Pink, Peach, and Corals should be used which compliments the hot weather conditions. On the contrary, winter weddings are awesome when we compare the choice of Makeup options that are available. One is completely free to choose the makeup products of their choice. The base options may vary from creams to gels and silicon. The only thing that has to be kept in consideration is that skin should be moisturized properly. In winters, skins tend to dry out and become flaky. This would ruin the entire bridal makeup look. So, one should be very careful to check the skin condition and keep it moisturized to give a soft and supple look.

At, Feminity by Smita Gurnani, due care is taken at every stage to give a best bridal look to the client. All high end international brands are used both for makeup and pre makeup sessions.